Health and wellbeing at work

The CIPD in conjunction with Simply Health has published their survey exploring trends and practices in health, wellbeing and absence management. Over 1000 professional took part covering 3.2 million employees across the UK.

The findings of the report show that the employer is instrumental in improving the health of their workforce. The survey highlights that there is an increase in stress related absence and a lack of support for managers in dealing with staff. It was highlighted that a call for more training and development for managers is required to help minimize stress amongst their staff and guidance on how to manage them.

Many organisations are also failing to provide line managers with the skills and support they require in this area. Line managers play a key role in managing absence and promoting well-being, but just half of respondents agree that their line managers have bought in to the importance of well-being. A minority believe their managers have the confidence and competence to support mental health.

The report then concluded by saying, “increasing organisational awareness of the value of a healthy workforce and gaining the commitment of senior leaders and managers is essential for embedding healthy practices into the organisational culture. Organisations also need to ensure that managers are equipped with the skills, confidence and support they require to help manage the main risks to people’s well-being and ensure effective and timely interventions.”

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