What is the point of a preplacement health questionnaire?

So, what is the point of carrying out a health check before employing someone? The law changed with the Equality Act in 2010, when employers could no longer ask lots of questions about a prospective employee’s health.

Previously some employers issued lengthy questionnaires asking about medical history that was not relevant to the employees’ health today or the job they had applied for. You cannot send out a health questionnaire until after a job offer has been made.

A preplacement should always reflect the type of work (e.g. Office vs a safety critical role). It should be specific, relevant and not excessive. As an employer you have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for employees, but you need to know about their disability or illness and what’s relevant right from the start of their employment.

If you are not sure if your screening is compliant or if you do not do it at all then please come to our next breakfast meeting where we will be explaining in further details the purpose of the questionnaire and how to use the information from it.

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