Success with SEQOHS Accreditation again

Occupational Health Consultancy Ltd (OHC Ltd) has been reaccredited by SEQOHS for another five years.

SEQOHS stands for Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service and is a set of standards and a voluntary accreditation scheme for occupational health services in the UK and beyond. SEQOHS accreditation is the formal recognition that an occupational health service provider has demonstrated that it has the competence to deliver against the measures in the SEQOHS standards. SEQOHS is managed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

If you are a purchaser of Occupational Health Services, the SEQOHS accreditation gives you the peace of mind that the service you are using is of good quality and have demonstrated that they meet the required standards. SEQOHS provides an independent and impartial assessment of the OH provider.

OHC has successfully reaccredited after first being awarded accreditation in 2014. The assessors were incredibly complimentary of the company and the professional service provided. We received three special congratulations on how we work in the areas of recording and recalling training and professional registrations for clinical staff. Internal communications with our staff, giving access to policies and procedures and general communications on our intranet site. The final congratulations were for the innovative way we interact with our customers on using our online system with the use of the OHC YouTube channel developed by our Training Manager, Kenton White.

Huge thank you to all the Team at OHC for all the hard work and support not only on the day of the assessment but throughout the year.

As Occupational Health providers, we help ensure that you and your employees are compliant with our health surveillance and safety critical medicals.

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