Occupational Health

Occupational Health Management

It can be challenging for your business when a member of staff is unable to do their job due to illness or injury. We can help you support your employees on their journey back to work. Once a manager makes a referral, one of our specialist nurses, doctors or psychiatrists will tell you the likelihood of your employee returning to work and the impact their health may have on their ability to fulfil their role – allowing you to make the relevant adjustments.

Pre-Placement Questionnaires

We can give you new-found confidence when hiring employees. Our pre-placement questionnaire allows you to support staff in their new position by ascertaining whether they have an illness, injury or disability which may require adjustments to help them fulfil their role.

Making Occupational Health easy for you

Our online system makes it easier for you and your employees to use our occupational health services. Managers can make referrals via our online system, and new employees can receive feedback within just four hours of submitting their pre-placement questionnaire online.

Occupational Health


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