Breakfast Meeting – Pre Placement Questionnaires

Our pre-placement briefing is our one-stop-shop for understanding how pre-placement questionnaires work and why you should check an employee is fit for the role they have been given.

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Why you should attend this course:

  • You will learn how to ensure that prospective employees are physically and psychologically fit to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the proposed job role.
  • You will understand how preplacement questionnaires work and how they should be completed.
  • You will see the whole process of pre placements questionnaires to better understand how they are reviewed by our OHA’s.

What you will learn on this course:

  • Full procedure: The usual journey a questionnaire takes from the OH portal to recommendations for adjustments.
  • Different types: Understand the different types of questionnaires and what job roles they are for.
  • Questions: Learn what questions are asked in the preplacement questionnaires and how this supports the Business.

This course has been specifically designed for Business Owners, Managers and HR. Our breakfast briefings have had an exceptional response from everyone that’s attended. Come see for you yourself.

See what others thinks of Breakfast briefing PPQ

“Having attended the PPQ Breakfast Briefing I now understand the benefits of new employees completing a PPQ.”

"I had no idea you shouldn’t be asking certain questions – Im going to have to change our HR process."

"Really interesting. I learnt a lot. "

"Lovely location, great training room and really nice trainer."

"Thank you to the Trainer – although I knew some of it, I had no idea why we should be doing PPQ’s. "


  • 1-2 hour face to face or virtual briefing.
  • Learning takes place through a mixture of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities.
  • The course will follow a structured format.
  • We limit the number of places to 12 to allow the instructor to interact with every participant.

Course Structure

  • The Equality Act (2010) introduction
  • Purpose of Pre-placement medicals
  • Safeguarding
  • Allows for adjustments to be recommended
  • What the employer can ask
  • Legal side
  • Confidentiality
  • Importance of risk identification form

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-placement questionnaire?

A Pre-Placement Questionnaire helps identify any health-related issues that may prevent new employees from carrying out their role safely and effectively. Understanding this then helps the employer make adjustments to enable the employee to meet the demands and risks of the job. PPQ’s should be reviewed by a Medical Professional.

Can my employer make me fill out a health questionnaire?

An employer can ask a job candidate to complete a medical questionnaire, but only after they have made the candidate a job offer and only if the content of the questionnaire complies with data protection requirements.

Is a PPQ the same as Baseline Health Surveillance?

Baseline Health Surveillance are the tests, such hearing test, skin check, respiratory tests etc. which have been determined by your Company Risk Assessment to be required for specific roles. These should be done at the start of employment and will be continued, if required throughout the employment. A Clinician will review the results to ensure any health conditions are not being affected by the role, the role is not making someone sick and to ensure the Company Control measures for the role are working.

Can I ask employees about their medical?

Employers cannot request that an employee discloses information about any health conditions that arise during employment. Employees might choose to volunteer information, and if they do then the employer is required to make reasonable adjustments to support the employee in their work

Why are pre-placement questionnaires so important?

Ensures work place adjustments are in place for an employee and ignorance of any health conditions is no defence if an employer fails to make adjustments.