Are you struggling to understand health surveillance?

Don’t worry, OHC is here to help.

Health Surveillance 101 is our one-stop-shop to understanding how health surveillance works and how to implement it correctly. Employers are required, by law, to check the health of employees that are exposed to certain hazards.

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Why you should attend this course:

  • You will gain a better understanding of what health surveillance is, legal compliance, and how the process works
  • You will know why health surveillance is important and see the full picture
  • You will understand your role and responsibilities in the health surveillance cycle.

What you will learn on this course:

  • Reduced disruptions: How health surveillance can reduce disruptions in the workplace.
  • Optimise spending: Understand how to plan health surveillance clinics, allowing them to run as efficiently as possible.
  • Compliance: Ensure all control measures are adequate, legal compliance is met, and avoid penalties.

This course has been specifically designed for Health & Safety and HR managers. Although we have had numerous attendees from many different roles and they have told us how beneficial they found the course.

See what others thinks of HS 101

“Having attended the Health Surveillance 101 course I found Kenton White to be a very good trainer who brings a depth of knowledge on the subject matter and a passion for the benefits for the individuals requiring health surveillance and the organisations employing them. I would recommend this course for anyone working in the HR and H&S fields as a useful and comprehensive introduction to health surveillance.”

Health and Safety Manager | Sunseeker

"Small group, seemed more personal. Although Marc and myself have already been setting up OH appointments for the last 2 years it was good to go through the process and the expectations required of the attendees. We will be able to use this training to go forward with an improved system. Kenton was very personable and informative and as someone who is not qualified in H&S the training was such that it made it understandable and relevant for me."

Health and Safety Coordinator | Vivid Housing

"I’d like to pass on again how good this course was. I was a bit worried as a non-H&S professional but the material was succinct, relevant and really well delivered. I made pages and pages of notes and learned a lot about HS."

Human Resources Manager | Gratte Brothers


  • Half day face-to-face or Virtual course
  • Learning takes place through a mixture of presentations, group discussions, and workshop activities
  • The course will follow a structured format, ending with a question-and-answer session.
  • We limit the number of places to 12 to allow the instructor to interact with every participant.

Course Structure

  • What is Health Surveillance
  • Hierarchy of control measures
  • Who should be seen
  • Riddor
  • Record keeping
  • Health surveillance vs Medical surveillance
  • Health surveillance vs fit for work medicals
  • Who we are/what we do
  • Confidentiality
  • Going forward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an employee refuse to attend Statutory Health Surveillance?

The need for Health Surveillance comes from Risk assessments and legal requirements. It is not a “nice to have” or an optional extra. Therefore a refusal to attend should be treated exactly the same as refusing to attend mandatory Safety training or wearing PPE.

As an employer must I provide health surveillance for my staff?

Health surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks and is determined by your Company Risk Assessments. These health checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

Does every business need health surveillance?

Health surveillance is a broad term used in Occupational Health that refers to the regular tests that are carried out in order to identify any work-related illnesses or ill-health that may have consequentially evolved are been made worse.

As an employer, some Health Surveillance checks are statutory (meaning that you have a legal obligation to carry them out), whereas others fall into the “duty of care” category. But no matter which basket the test falls into, health surveillance ensures compliance with HSE legislation, provides a risk management solution and assists employees to continue to work at full-health throughout their career and under your care.

Can you afford not to implement health surveillance?

Many SME business owners are concerned that this process will be too expensive and take a large chunk out of their operating budget, but in reality the failure to assess workplace hazards will cost them money rather than help them save. Just as you would never neglect to properly train your employees, or wouldn’t dream of skimping on the materials that you use in your industry – you should not disregard the importance of a healthy workplace on your bottom line. Plus the fines from the HSE may be enormous.