Do you have bad posture whilst sat at your desk?

Here are some pointers to avoid bad posture:

Sitting posture

Do not perch on the front of your seat. Sit back in your chair. Re-arrange your workstation to be comfortable if necessary. Move your chair closer to the desk and maintain contact between your back and the seat back.

Sitting height
Your legs should be supported correctly whilst seated. Don’t let your feet “dangle”, cross your legs, or be tempted to raise your legs so they are supported on the heels or ankles.

Your shoulders should be in a relaxed position whilst you work. Armrests can help by providing support, but if too high cause raised shoulders and if too low cause leaning. Both are bad habits.

You should have your elbows close to your sides. If your chair armrests are forcing you to reach outwards to support the elbows, avoid using them or remove them altogether.

Screen too high or low
The wrong height of the screen can cause problems with your neck and back. You should usually have the monitor at a height where the top of the screen, not the monitor case, is level with your eyes.

Looking up and down too much when reading
Find a position for your reading material that does not require lots of head movement.

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