The Back Nodger

The Back Nodger website claims: “With the Back Nodger you can instantly relieve knots and muscle tension all over your body. By allowing you to apply deep and precise pressure into your own knots, you help them to relax, a bit like you’d expect a pair of trained hands to feel.”

Have you tried the Back Nodger? Here at OHC Head Office, we have and we think it’s fab!

Sometimes sitting at your desk all day doesn’t do your back any favours and despite having a team of experts here who carry out work place assessments, sometimes all you need is a good massage! We have staff here who in their spare time train for marathons, cycle for miles at a time and who attend various classes at the gym, these activities are all quite strenuous and take their toll on the muscles.

After attending the Health @ Work 2013 exhibition in February, we purchased a Back Nodger for the team to try. It cost £29.99 which isn’t expensive but divide that by the amount of times it’s been used – it’s an absolute bargain!

To have instant access to a form of relief is great. The Back Nodger gets right into the problem area and works those knots out that you just can’t reach!

The general feedback from the team was:

“Having knots and aches in your back can be irritating and we can’t all justify the cost of a £40 massage every week! Having the Back Nodger gives an instant release to those aching muscles. Although it probably shouldn’t be considered as a long term alternative it’s definitely a convenient, affordable and effective short term solution!”

We spotted a review in the Daily Mail recently:

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